Vape Pen Blackberry Kush

Vape Pen Blackberry Kush, is one of those California strains you can’t help but love due to its many benefits and flavors. But where did this fruity flavor come from? Honestly, nobody knows for sure! Maybe it’s a cross between Blackberry and Bubba Kush. Some believe that the Afghani strain may also be present.

It’s also unclear who the creator of Blackberry Kush is. But it’s said that the strain was created during the California medical marijuana era. That explains why Blackberry Kush is so impactful when it comes to comfort and relaxation. Many users even experience sedation, with physical and mental discomfort completely melting away.

Blackberry Kush is an Indica strain that’s best used in the evening or nighttime. After relieving you from physical aches and mental tension, you may be left completely relaxed, making it perfect for people looking to take a satisfying nap after work or get in some chill relaxation time before bed.

Blackberry Kush has sweet and smooth vapors, reminding people of juicy and tangy blackberries. It has explosive flavors that are all-natural. Exhale only uses Delta-8 THC that’s been safely and cleanly extracted from locally grown hemp. This means Blackberry Kush is guaranteed to be potent, as proven by our Certificate of Analysis!

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