Osmosis Brain Boost Capsules


Two different doses available, Select a dose to see a detailed list of ingredients in milligrams.
Each bottle has 30 capsules each



Osmosis Brain Boost Capsules

Osmosis Brain Boost Capsules ;we’ve long been fans of Osmosis, but the costs have never made sense to us; they’re simply too high. We’ve also received multiple complaints from MMJ customers in the last few months concerning possible quality issues.osmosis capsules

Myco labs was the brand we were seeking for to handle both of these difficulties. They sell a number of Osmosis-like items. In our tests, the quality was far superior to that of Osmosis.

We’ll be bringing Myco Labs’ items to MMJ in collaboration with them, and we’ll be offering some excellent introductory discounts. You may sample them for around half the price of comparable Osmosis products right now.

So, if you want a low-cost, high-quality microdosing experience, Brain Boost by Myco Labs is a must-try.


Mushroom caps with a microdose . Golden Teachers Psilocybe Cubensis and Organic Lion’s Mane are combined in the Osmosis Brain Boost combo.

Furthermore, the transmission of Glutamate, the neurotransmitter responsible for different cognition activities, is affected by these capsules. To put it another way, if you order Osmosis Brain Boost – 30 Pack online, you’re doing so for one of two reasons:

Anxiety and sadness symptoms should be reduced.
to improve your cognition and creativity

The components in these capsules have a variety of effects on your body, and they can also be used as a type of therapy. MMJDirect, Canada’s premier online dispensary, now has Brain Boost available for mail purchase!
Medical advantages are possible.

The Brain Boost blend’s nootropic components may be able to help folks suffering from anxiety and depression find relief. The symptoms will almost certainly fade over time, especially in the initial few minutes after consumption. Anxiety over social situations, in particular, should be greatly decreased


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